Four Noble Truths Seminar and Pilgrimage

January 1-14, 2019

Journey with us to Sarnath, Rajgir, Nalanda, Bodh Gaya


The first five days of the program will be held at the beautiful grounds of the Institute, where we will practice and study alongside with senior Tibetan Buddhist monks.


We will then travel to Rajgir and Nalanda. Rajgir is the place where the Buddha delivered the heart of the Mahayana teachings. At Nalanda University, the Buddha's teachings flourished for centuries.


The pilgrimage continues to Bodhgaya where we will participate in the 30th Nyingma World Peace Ceremony. Each day, along with thousands of monks, nuns and lay practitioners, we will have an opportunity to chant, practice, and pray under the Bodhi Tree, the exact place where the Buddha awakened.

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Four Noble Truths Retreats

SINI hosted its first international program on the Four Noble Truths in March 2014 to explore the Buddha’s teachings in today’s world. This five-day program included over 20 participants from India, Thailand, Tibet, the US, Puerto Rico, Holland

In this retreat, small groups of people who are committed to undertakings beyond their own needs present an opportunity to break through fixed patterns. Participants in this seminar take one step along the path to understanding the cause and forms of suffering in ourselves and others. Retreatants benefit from the rare opportunity to receive dharma talks and participate in small-.group discussions and exercises with SINI’s resident monastics.  


years ago the Buddha delivered his first teaching, the Four Noble Truths, in the Deer Park at Sarnath just steps from where SINI’s campus sits today. In this revolutionary and inspiring teaching, the Buddha presented the Truth, Cause, End, and Path leading all beings out of suffering. These Four Noble Truths went beyond religion and culture to reclaim the possibility of complete awakening and freedom. Today, we are looking for ways to appreciate and connect these insights to our own personal and professional lives.and France, and became the basis for a documentary film aired on the Buddhist Broadcasting Network in the Netherlands. Since then the program has deepened, becoming one of the central events of SINI’s year. Participants in the program, after receiving these profound teachings from SINI’s monks and made pilgrimage to some of the most sacred sites in the Indian Buddhist world, including Sarnath’s Dhamek Stupa, Vulture Peak, Nalanda University, finishing at Bodhgaya, where Sakyamuni attained enlightenment under the branches of the bodhi tree.