SINI Workshops and Seminars

Over the course of a weekend,  ten days, or even longer, SINI works with scholars and/or guest lecturers from a diversity of fields to explore new and important subjects with the monks. From learning about modern art and film, to conversations with scientists or accountants, our SINI workshops are designed to introduce SINI’s students to important contemporary issues, whilst drawing connections to their own Dharma studies and reflections. By working closely with both program presenters and the students in advance of each workshop, student learning is deepened. Each workshop is highly interactive and requires the participation of everyone – from group break-outs, to both individual and group presentations. SINI’s learning methodology is both fun and creative.  To give the reader a sense of the breadth and depth of issues presented at SINI, in the following section we have provided descriptions of some of the workshops and seminars conducted at the Institute.