At SINI, we support the roots of the Dharma by encouraging SINI’s students to carry out traditional Buddhist practices, including Buddhist canonical studies and writing, prayers, ceremonies, sacred pilgrimages, and retreats. At the Institute, we seek to preserve the roots of Tibetan Buddhism as embodied in the lineage of the Khen Lop Chos Sum, short for Khenpo Shantarakshita, Lopon Pema Jungney (also known as Padmasambhava, or the Lotus Born), and Chosgyal Trisong Deutsan, together they form the trinity, or in Tibetan, Sum.

To concretely support these efforts, SINI offers resident students the opportunity to speak, teach, and write on the teachings of the Buddha and traditional lineage masters. Some of the programs that are included in the Roots pillar include, the Khen Lop Chos Sum Foundation Lecture and Writing Series, the annual Dharmachakra program, the Tibet Peace Ceremony, the Manjushrinamasanghiti Chanting Program, and daily practices, prayers, and long-term retreat programs.