Tibet Peace Ceremony

In 2015, Rinpoche initiated the Tibet Peace Ceremony which lasts for five days, following the Bodhgaya World Peace Ceremony. This rimed, or all-schools, ceremony is an opportunity to join in the river of blessings from all lineages, which culminates on the anniversary of Longchenpa, one of the most influential luminaries of the Nyingma tradition. The ceremony is hosted entirely by the Institute. We offer food, local accommodations, including tents at SINI, and travel for all of the participants. Every year up to 1200 monks and nuns from the major schools of Tibet: Nyingma, Kagyu, Sakya, Gelug, and Jonang together with lay practitioners, share prayers and practice for the benefit of the world. This prayer gathering in exile is one of the only peace prayer gatherings dedicated to the people of Tibet.