Four Noble Truths Pilgrimage and Seminar

Upcoming Online Program: January 15-18, 2021

SINI’s signature annual program provides an opportunity to delve deeply into the most foundational Buddhist teachings at the very places they were delivered over 2500 years ago.

The foundation of the Buddhist path lies in the exploration of these four questions: What is suffering? What is its cause? What is its end? What is the path that leads to its end?

These questions form the core of this unique program. It draws from both traditional sutra and commentary source material, and helps to deepen our appreciation of its profound and timeless truth in our lives, especially in this time of unprecedented global and personal suffering.

Each year, participants from around the world and monastics from Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan, join for a two week intensive program of teachings, practice, prayer and pilgrimage. The first part of the program begins with a week-long  seminar at SINI and marks the first stop on a pilgrimage route, which leads participants to the most sacred sites in the Indian Buddhist world, including Sarnath’s Dhammek Stupa, Vulture Peak, Nalanda, and Bodhgaya.

As our participant and guest, you experience an immersion into a world of monastics. Meeting traditional practitioners, you’ll be able to ask many questions. Dedicated teaching time only represents half of our program. Learning also takes place informally between sessions and seminar activities.
At the Nyingma Monlam Chenmo in Bodhgaya, where more than 8000 people from the entire Buddhist world gather, you’ll be invited into a devotional atmosphere. Wherever you are from, and whether you’ve been before or this will be your first time, India provides an intense experience of humanity. The sacred places, locations that have been the place of  intense practice for thousands of years, as well as the country itself, may offer an unexpected vibrancy. 
“SINI’s atmosphere of quiet, communal mission, is something I had never experienced in decades of living around the world. Though the monks suffer exile from family and motherland, they are fun-loving and focused on learning English for daily life and to further the spread of Buddhism; they model what a human being can be.” (Katherine K., FNT participant)
“SINI has become a sanctuary; a place where we can live and study in an oasis of beauty and quiet. We invite you to come to experience.” (Doug N., collaborator and volunteer since SINI’s ground breaking)
Since international travelling is currently on pause, we’ll be offering a short online course on the Four Noble Truths with sessions live broadcasted from Sarnath and California, combined with self-study elements. The program will be open to all and donation based.