Rooted in the Dharma, ancient wisdom is learning the language of the present.
Celebrating 10 years of Building Bridges of Goodness.

Greetings and a warm welcome to our celebration of ten years of SINI.

Within this showcase, you will discover a video, interviews, captivating images, and heartfelt letters—a glimpse into the expansive narrative that defines SINI today.

Rinpoche and Tsering are deeply grateful for the joyous participation and support SINI receives. Together we look forward to building many more bridges of goodness into the world!

Tsering’s Letter on the 10th Anniversary

Tsering’s Letter on the 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago on this day, I was helping to prepare SINI’s ground to receive the Bodhi Tree sapling that had been carefully carried by the monks of the Anuradhapura Temple in Sri Lanka.


Enjoy this collection of charming video messages from SINI’s first and current students, staff, faculty, volunteers, and friends!


We navigated through a vast tapestry of images from the past 10 years and present you with this montage of cherished memories.

Interview with Tsering Palmo Gellek

Tsering Palmo Gellek, Founding Director, has countless memories of the first ten years of SINI. She’s deeply grateful for where SINI is in this present moment, and she is forging into future projects with aplomb and wonder. She spoke with new volunteer Patricia Mathews about Tarthang Tulku’s seemingly simple direction to build a connection between East and West along the North-South axis. She highlights the challenges, the miracles, and the gratitude that energizes her work.