Dear Friend,

A couple of months ago, SINI formally celebrated its 10th anniversary online and produced a series of photo montages and interviews to share with you.

Today I looked up the etymology of the word celebrate and learned that the word has nearly doubled in literary usage since the 1950s. Celebrating in the face of personal hardship, global suffering, and uncertainty is a courageous act of kindness that we offer to the world. The light of hope and accomplishment signals effort against the odds.

In dharma language, we hear of the stages of awakening as stream-enterers; Srotāpanna, literally meaning “one who enters the stream,” with the stream being the Noble Eightfold Path. Entering the stream is a beautiful metaphor for the ease of doing something both right and natural. But sometimes, I imagine the stream-enterer as one who enters turbulent waters, with currents pushing and pulling the person into the rapids of being in service. So in light of this, I offer to celebrate with you, the good things and the hardships that appear along the path and in the stream. May it be a blessed year ahead for you and our widening circle of loved ones!

With all good wishes,

Tsering Palmo Gellek
Founding Director