Colloquial Tibetan Online, Upper Beginner Course (Tib 102)

Teachers: Gen Franziska Oertle and Gen Jamyang Woser

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Sat, May 26, 2024, 4:00 PM GMT+2 – Sat, Nov 30, 2024, 5:00 PM GMT+1

Course Outline

This online course is based on Franziska Oertle’s innovative text: བོད་སྐད་སྙིང་པོ། The Heart of Tibetan Language Volume 1.

The Heart of Tibetan Online Colloquial Tibetan Language Course provides a solid foundation in the Central/Exile dialect, offering deep insights into Tibetan thought and language, including indigenous concepts and categories. Upon completion of both parts (Tib 101 & 102), students can engage in simple conversations on everyday topics such as school, family, and weather. They also gain proficiency in expressing themselves across various tenses, including past, present, future, and imperative forms.


To enroll in this course, students should possess a proficient level of reading in Tibetan script, allowing them to comfortably navigate through vocabulary, simple sentences, and brief dialogues. Familiarity with the Wylie transliteration system and the ability to utilize electronic dictionaries are also necessary.
Regarding speaking and listening skills, students should be capable of engaging in casual conversations about topics such as their country, school, family, and interests. They should also be familiar with common greetings and understand the significance of honorific language in Tibetan discourse.
In terms of grammar, students should be acquainted with the fundamental structure of the language, particularly the pervasive བདག་གཞན། system, and its application with non-verbs like “to be” and “to have.” Additionally, they should grasp the basics of Tibetan word order, pronoun usage (demonstrative, personal, and possessive), question formation, and particles. Awareness of auxiliary verbs, various forms of knowledge expression (direct and inferential), and different verb types is also essential.
Success in the course hinges on effective group collaboration, self-responsibility, and a readiness to engage in digital learning platforms.

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