In March, our dear friends Drs. Mary Catherine and Richard Frazier returned to SINI to conduct their annual Science and English for Monastics workshop. They started the week with a wonderful community-building exercise by treating everyone to a boat ride down the Ganga and a visit to Bharat Mata Mandir to see the giant marble map of India. Everyone enjoyed pointing out their hometowns on the map.

The science workshop itself was focused on neuroscience. Richard and Mary Catherine were joined by Melanie Fraga of the American Embassy School in Delhi who helped lead activities focused on the ways we perceive the world. The students were especially interested in learning about their heart rates and handedness and how these affect and are affected by our actions. 

In addition to sharing their teaching expertise and the field trip, Melanie Fraga kindly organized a donation of microscopes to SINI from the American Embassy School in Delhi. Many students used a microscope for the first time and gained an appreciation for magnification. 

SINI is dedicated to collaboration–an openness to learning and exchange with others that’s rooted in discovery. We deeply appreciate the Fraziers’ and Fraga’s support and dedication to advancing both science and English learning at SINI.

Students check their pulse while Melanie Fraga checks the lesson plan.
A student checks his slide.