It is with great pleasure that we share the wonderful news of Franziska Oertle’s publication “The Heart of Tibetan Language: Volume 2”. So many causes and conditions came together for this publication to be possible but it is certainly the heartfelt dedication, perseverance, joy, and virtue of its intrepid and kind author that this book has found its way into the world.

Tarthang Rinpoche kindly offered these words:

Foreword by Tarthang Rinpoche

“I am very happy to welcome the release of the second volume of Franziska Oertle’s The Heart of Tibetan Language. Franziska’s remarkable new method of teaching colloquial Tibetan has become very popular; she is praised not only by Western students and educators but also by Tibetan ones. And rightfully so-for her work is truly breaking new ground as it enables more and more people to discover the beauty and richness of Tibetan language and culture.

For a refugee such as myself, Franziska’s whole-hearted embrace of Tibetan is very touching; it is also very important. In our time, it seems that the number of fluent Tibetan speakers, continues to shrink, both inside and outside Tibet; those of us who feel there is value in the Tibetan language and Tibet’s distinctive Buddhist heritage must do whatever we can to help Tibetan survive as a living language. It is very inspiring to see a person from a Western country mastering, preserving, and sharing Tibetan in such a vibrant and appealing new way. On behalf of Tibetans everywhere, l applaud her efforts.

At the instigation of the first Dharma King, Songtsen Gampo, the great 7th-century polymath Thonmi Sambhota traveled to India to study Sanskrit and develop Tibet’s first written script.

In the process, this wonderful master produced the very first scholarly works in and on the Tibetan language. I feel certain that Thonmi Sambhota would be delighted by the publication of The Heart of Tibetan Language, with its meticulous attention to the distinctive character of Tibetan grammar, and its inviting, engaging, encouraging approach.

May this publication open the way for learners across the world to befriend the Tibetan language, and may this work support the longevity and vitality of the Dharma for many generations to come.”

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Sets of the textbook and the exercise book are available from Dharma Publishing in the US and Vajra Bookstore in Kathmandu.

The ebook is still in the makings, but will become available soon.

Dharma Publishing

The Heart of Tibetan Language Volume 2 – Textbook and Exercise Book – Dharma Publishing

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The Heart of Tibetan Language : A Synthesis of Indigenous Grammar and Contemporary Learning Methodology – Vajra Books and Publications (