We are pleased to share with you our most recent brochure of SINI’s activities and projects. We hope it warms your heart and inspires you to stay connected.

Many of these projects are the result of decades of committed work in the fields of Dharma preservation, cultivation, and action. Our founder, Tarthang Tulku, has provided us with a vision to last many lifetimes and engage countless people. This view provides a space for innovation, commitment, joy, and appreciation.

SINI’s mission is to build bridges of goodness. This mission arises out of a deep appreciation for both the Buddha’s teachings and the increasingly complex world in which we live. We are grateful to our generous donors, supporters, and volunteers who have participated selflessly in this work. We are also grateful to the Khyentse Foundation, Marin Community Foundation, Direct Relief, and other organizations who have generously supported our work, and who inspire us with their vast and noble activities.

To say that 2020 was a transformative year would be an understatement. Yet, when we inquire about the conditions that both gave rise to the spread of the pandemic and its enormous, incalculable global consequences, we see that much of what was dangerously ignored has come into sharper view. A river of transformation has run through our lives, and now we must gather the gold, gather the goodness.

The goodness includes being able to offer more than 900,000 meals to our neighbors in the Sarnath area, to witness the devotion of the Sangha hard at work summarizing the words of the Buddha for our Encyclopedia project, launching several new Tibetan language programs, and maintaining the Manjushri Namasangiti and our English for Dharma Purposes programs over Zoom.

The continuity of these programs held at SINI, both in person and virtually, allow volunteers and students to actualize their own potential.

Rinpoche often reminds me that time can not be squandered when so much is at stake. How fortunate we are to recognize the opportunity of this precious life and our path together!

Thank you for your participation and support in making this organization and its projects possible.