The Institute provides a unique learning environment in one of the world's most ancient living cities. Drawing on its mission to create a bridge of goodness across a range of disciplines, we design seminars and short courses that are mutually beneficial for our resident monks and visiting scholars.  Some of our past seminars and short courses from 2015-16 have included:


sacred art and landscape; 


human rights and the Dharma;


a ten day international seminar on the future of monastic education and the introduction of new teaching methods;


short courses introduction to Pali and Sanskrit;


Awakening the Light of Dharma: How to Uphold Dharma in the World Today http://www.gpiw.org/ ;


Climate change and Buddhist Economics (Professor Clair Brown, University of California) https://www.econ.berkeley.edu/faculty/807


an intensive English teacher-training facilitated by Catherine Brown http://www.ber.org/OnSite/bio.cfm?CR=EDX


comparative religion course co-facilitated by faculty from Jindal Univeristy http://www.jslh.edu.in/content/anica-mann-kapur