The Institute continues to build on its mission to develop bridges of goodness through both individuals and like-minded institutions. In 2016, SINI established several significant institutional connections. The first was with O.P. Jindal University and their dean and faculty in their liberal arts program, Kathleen Modrowski. With both of our institutions looking towards the enrichment of students' learning experience in the contemplative and light atmosphere of the Insittute with monks and international volunteers in residence, Jindal University students will have the opportunity to live and learn in a Buddhist environment. Our monks will also be invited to teach short seminars at Jindal University, affording them an excellent opportunity to present Buddhist teachings to a young, lay audience, ensuring the honing of their own communication skills to make the teachings relevant to a modern audience. 

A second happy development has been the invitation by Oxford University's Tibetan and Himalayan Studies Centre to have one of our senior khenpos join on the distinguished So-Wide Scholarship fellowship program. Again, this program presents a wonderful opportunity for our own students to broaden their educational horizons in one of the world's most prestigious and ancient learning centers, while being asked to prepare to provide public lectures and engagement with a highly-motivated class and lay audiences. Thanks to Professor Ulrike Roesler and Geoff Bamford for their support to make this scholarship opportunity available to us. We look forward to reciprocating the same with Oxford students at SINI!

In addition to the these institutional relations, we also work with a number of faculty from around the world including our own local Benares Hindu University, Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies, Kriti Art Gallery, University of Berkeley, California, Pune University, Raman Research Institute, FLOW India-Oxford, and the American Embassy School, Delhi.


If you are intersested in developing an instituional bridge between your organization and ours, please visit our contact page.




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