The Institute provides an opportunity for students from around the world to deepen their studies in a wide-range of fields. Enjoy this short video to learn more about programs offered at the Institute.

All of us who journey to this sacred place return in essence to our spiritual home, a treasure house of awakening. 

Tarthang Tulku, Founder

The Sarnath International Nyingma Institute's (SINI) primary mission is to help support the development of classical Buddhist languages, sacred art, medicine and culture for the benefit of all. 


The SINI provides a unique opportunity for students, researchers, and practitioners, from around the world to deepen their studies in a interdisciplinary approach to human development, social well-being, and environmental stewardship, bridging the wisdom, knowledge, and best-practices of the East and the West.


The SINI was founded by Tarthang Tulku in 2007 and formally inaugurated on December 13, 2013.

I hope that the Institute will not only serve as a powerful platform for serving the greater good of Buddhism in the East and West, but to also prepare the ground for harvesting the wisdom of this ancient tradition for the modern world.    

Tsering Palmo Gellek, Director

On December 13th, 2013 the Institute was formally opened with the planting of the Sacred Sapling of the original Bodhi Tree. This precious gift was offered by a delegation from the Tooth Relic Temple who brought the sapling from Anuradhapura Temple and in turn was offered to the Institute by Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International.


More than two thousand years ago, King Ashok, sent his daughter to depart from the Ganges river to Sri Lanka to preserve the greatest symbol of the Buddha’s awakening: the sacred sapling of the Bodhi Tree. This sapling traces its lineage directly to the original Bodhi Tree under which Prince Siddhartha became the perfect, Omniscient master of all knowledge, and thus known as the Bhagawan Shakyamuni Buddha.